Support Questions:

Q. Help I don't know what each mode means!
A. Here is a description about each mode
     - Tap Off: Tap the button until you reach a desired score and submit it. See who has the overall record.
     - Speed Tap: Tap the button till time runs out. Who's the fastest tapper.
     - Multiplayer: Another addition to Speed Tap but with 2 players.

Q. On multiplayer the bluetooth is not detecting the other device, what do I do?
A. It is best to restart both devices and try again. If the problem persists contact us through the "Contact" Page.

Q. Will there be future releases of HOT?
A. Yes.

Q. Where is the submit button on Speed Tap mode?
A. When the game finishes the score is sent automatically and if there is no internet connection it will send it the next time is able to.